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Northwestern University | Evanston, IL | Expected: 06/2021

Bachelor of Science: Music Composition & Technology | Minor: Business Institutions
GPA: 3.6/4.0
Honors: Henry and Leigh Bienen Endowed Music Scholarship
Relevant Coursework: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Business Writing, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Statistics, Music Technology, Composition, Screenwriting, Personal Filmmaking, Music Theory, Music History


Empire Lakes Productions | Los Angeles, CA | 06/2020 - Current

Co-Founder, Managing Director

• Started event management and audio/video production company that reached $140k revenue in less than 12 months and produced 250+ events with over 150 clients
• Managed the company’s day-to-day operations, client outreach, sales, finances, and marketing
Built strong partnerships with organizations including REI, Warner Bros., Hilton, and YMCA
Established and operated one of LA County’s leading drive-in movie theaters
Hosted live events with up-and-coming filmmakers, comedians, and musicians while creating a collaborative network of artists

StoneKimbro Financial Services | Los Angeles, CA | 06/2019 – Current

• Implemented advanced features of software including RedTail CRM, Right Capital, FMG Marketing Suite, ReminderMedia, and others for the firm's financial advising team
• Prepared financial plans for clients addressing all financial goals including retirement, tax, and estate planning
• Managed networking, interviewing, and hiring of new employees for firm’s expanding team
• Oversaw marketing campaigns and revenue-building opportunities
• Managed portfolios, trades, and other client needs for firm’s clients

Northwestern Student Film Community | Evanston, IL | 05/2018 - Current
Composer, Music Supervisor
• Compose music of different genres and styles for several student films
• Collaborate effectively with directors, producers, and other crew and cast members
• Perform in supporting actor role in senior featured film
• Manage and supervise all aspects of the music department in film productions

Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University | Evanston, IL | 09/2017 – Current
Composer, Vocal Performer
• Write, arrange, and produce musical scores for musicians to perform in concert
• Perform in several musical productions with the Northwestern Opera Theatre, Northwestern
University Singers, Northwestern Undergraduate Company of Opera Singers, and others
• Balance 20+ hours of practice a week with coursework and extracurricular activities


Technical: Proficient in Microsoft Office, CRM Software, Web Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Sales, Marketing, SEO, Client Relations, Accounting, Project Management, Social Media, B2B, Photoshop, Logic Pro, Ableton, Sibelius 
Language: Armenian (Fluent); French (Basic)

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